UK Wrist Injury Claim Solicitor – Accident Compensation

Most compensation claim solicitors will deal with wrist injury claims using a conditional fee agreement (CFA) otherwise known as the no win no fee scheme. Legal fees are not payable until you receive an award of compensation. If the case is lost no legal charges apply. Most compensation claim solicitors offer free initial advice to establish liability and estimate the value of the claim. You can usually speak to compensation claim solicitors with no further obligation.

Types of Wrist Injury Accidents

Below is an overview of the types of locations where wrist injuries might be incurred and the individual or entity who could be held legally responsible:-

Roads and Pavements

The local authority responsible for roads and paths has a legal duty to perform regular inspections and repair defects observed during the inspections. A failure to meet this obligation amounts to negligence. As a result, a pedestrian who trips slips and falls due to a poorly maintained road may bring a solicitors wrist injury compensation claim against the local authority.

Private and Public Properties

Those who own and/or occupy land or other types of property have an obligation to ensure the safety of the individuals who could be reasonably expected to enter and/or use the property. Owners of shops, for example, must take reasonable steps to provide for the safety of the general public. This duty also extends to private residences and other private commercial properties to which the general public has no right of admission.

Accidents in the Workplace

Employers are legally obligated to provide their employees with a safe work environment. If an employer is negligent in failing to ensure the safety of their employees in the workplace, then the employer can be held financially responsible in an accident at work claim for the employee’s wrist injury. Specifically, the employee would be able to bring a wrist injury claim against their employer.