Toronto, ON Sump Pump Subsidy Explained

Installing drains outside your homes is the best way to keep water away from your yard. Research suggests that 85% of homes are ruined because they don’t have a good drainage system. Your home is precious to you. You should get rid of anything that might cause problems for it. Water approaching your yard can end up putting pressure on your foundation walls which weaken the walls, leads basement leakages, and destroys your landscape. Here are some of the types of drains for outside that will help you to keep water away from your yard!

The French drain

The French drain consists of perforated pipes. You can install these pipes in your yards if they are flat and help to drain standing water away. You make a ditch that slopes downwards starting from your yard and place the pipes within this slope. An accessible metal like gravel accumulates the ditch to cover it completely. Standing water which might come from heavy rainfall will find its way through the French title and drain away from your yard.

The footing drainage system in Toronto

The footing drain is known as the most effective external water drainage system. A footing drain consists of a pipe installed in the surroundings of your yard at the same level of your footing. This drainage system is useful because it obstructs water that leaks from the top of the footing and then drains it away from the yard. This drain is also covered with metal like gravel and it is equal to the soil’s surface.

Gutter drainage system

A gutter drainage system is essential to drain away water from the roof.  Roof water can be problematic for anyone, but a gutter along with a downspout system is extremely efficient when it comes to draining away all roof water from the house walls especially. When installing the downspout drain, it’s better to elongate it away from your walls and guide the water towards a storm sewer or either a catch basin. By installing gutters, water flows away from your yards and flows into the basins!

The grading drainage

The grading drainage is a simple strategy to get rid of water flowing towards your yard. To drain the water away, you should rework the grading so that it slops farther away from your home and yard. For the purpose of installing the grading drainage, consult a contractor. The contractor will test the gradient that is required to direct water into the storm sewer and within the building code. If you have water standing in your yard, you should not wait at all. You must consult a contractor as soon as you can. If you wait in case of flash storms, the situation could be a disaster for you and your dear house!


Swales are used to dealing with surface drainage. Swales are basically shallow holes that obstruct storm water runoff. After obstructing the water, they carry it to a trench which is also a drain.