DiamondShape Guide: Heart-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

HEARTCUT DIAMONDS: a little bit of History

The Heart Shaped Diamond has been widely accepted as the universalsymbol of romantic love for centuries. Known from the 15th century,hearts are undoubtedly the most romantic and recognizable diamonds among other
diamond shapes available on the jewellery market.

Luckily, with modern laser diamond cutting technology, the standard round
diamond cut has evolved into the modified brilliant cut and today all fancy cut
diamonds, including hearts have pretty much the same number of facets, and
therefore exhibit the full brilliance as rounds.


Historically, Heart shaped jewellery has been used to commemoratelife’s milestones and to celebrate events like Marriage Proposals, Wedding
Anniversaries, romantic occasion, personal achievements or Birthdays like sweet
16th. It is of no surprise that the Heart-shaped design has latelyturned into a hot trend and has become the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for
VDay’s admires.

Traditionally, Heart jewellery pieces have been considered to betimeless classics that embody sentimental value and which express a powerful
message of love, bond, admiration and friendship. These inherently sentimental
gems are commonly used in pendants, earrings, brooches, rings or bracelets and
make perfect anniversary gifts, wedding bands and engagement rings.


Remember, the shape of the diamond is the most definitive part of your engagement ring’s visual presentation because it magically captures everyone’s
attention and reveals your personal style.

Most of the time, the modified brilliant heart shaped diamond ischosen by non-traditional brides who look for uncommon, unique and
unconventional engagement rings with a romantic allure. It’s a great gem for a
Statement Engagement Ring, so consider this shape if you want to make a bold
and powerful expression of your deep sincere love!

A word of advice, if you are in love with the heart shape and want toconsider this unique diamond for your Engagement ring, make sure to weigh the
PROS and CONS before making your final educated decision.

PROS of a HeartBrilliant Cut Diamond
<> It is an ideal diamond shape for romantic proposals on Valentine’s
Day, to commemorate the special moment and to create unforgettable memories
with this timeless symbol of outspoken love.

<> Hearts in fancy coloured diamonds like canary yellow, pink, purple or blue is your greatalternative. Visually, their distinctive silhouettes appear more profound in
colour making your Engagement ring look exceptionally unique and appealing.

<> Hearts incoloured gemstones can absolutely be the best affordable option, so you might
want to give some thought to heart shaped rubies or pink sapphires, the second
hardest gems after diamonds.

<> It is a “Stand out from the crowd” eye catching centerpiecedue to its distinctive visual appearance

<> It’s a great center diamond for Halo-style admires.Heart-shaped diamond halo engagement ring will be the most practical and
beneficial design style to attractively showcase this unique centerpiece. It
will visually enlarge and enhance the size of the center diamond and accentuate
the silhouette with a single or double halo of melee diamond accents.

<> hearts are lessexpensive diamonds in comparison to very popular and normally more expensive
<> hearts are rare and buying them could be a good investment choice.

CONS of a HeartBrilliant Cut Diamond

In general, diamond cut is the most important factor of all C’s alongwith weight, colour, clarity. This is simply because of the light return that
creates the desirable fire and brilliance and dramatically affects the stone’s
appearance and price.

<> CUT: Heart shaped diamond is known as the most complex andcomplicated cut that requires a special set of skills from the diamond cutter
to find the right balance in proportions and symmetry for its facets and
achieve the captivating sparkle and overall beauty.

A properly cut heart shaped diamond will consist of about 56 to 59 facets with
each half of the stone being symmetrical in size and shape.

<> COLOUR: Hearts tend to have a yellow overtone or tint whichis often compared to other diamonds of the same color. We recommend the diamond
colour grade to be at least G and up, should you want your creation made in
white gold or platinum.

However, consider this little tip: Rings made in Rose or Yellow goldtend to mask the unwanted overtones and not to affect the overall appearance of
your piece. You can sacrifice the colour grade and safely lower its color grade
to an H or I.

<> CLARITY: The modifiedbrilliant cut tends to successfully hide most of the inclusions and
imperfections. Stones in VS grades are always the best choice, but it will be
absolutely safe to go with SI1 or even SI2 eye-clean stones for your budget.

<> CARAT WEIGHT: it is of concern! Hearts appear smaller thanother fancy cut diamonds and according to the GIA, centerpieces should be not
less than 0.5 carats and should preferably be about 1 carat for a better
display of the shape and its silhouette.

We also suggest finding a local jewellery professional, preferably agemologist or diamond expert with intimate knowledge about diamonds and
gemstones. Nowadays, private viewing appointments are very popular in the
industry, in which you can examine a fewstones within your budget and select your perfect stone with the help of an


Choosing a Solitaire Diamond Ring Setting is probably not the bestoption, as it will require allocating a certain budget to prominently showcase
the centerpiece.


This bespoke jewel is our bestseller. Our custom-made Art-Deco inspired Bow Tie Style DiamondEngagement Ring set with custom cut perfectly matched pair of two Heart-Shaped
diamonds on a band accessorized with diamonds accents in pave.


This custom-made Bridal set consist of Engagement Ring set with 0.8ctsheart brilliant diamond surrounded by diamond accents in pave to enlarge the
center diamond and add more fire and sparkle.
You can also see the matching wedding band set with micropave diamonds in full


This Vintage style one-of-a-kind setting crafted in platinum and setwith 1.5carats heart diamond accentuated with diamond accents in halo on a
twisted shank in infinity style with mircopave diamond accents.

Linara is a custom jewellery designer located in the heart ofToronto’s diamond district.
We will be happy to guide you in finding your perfect diamond and design your
dream bridal jewellery.

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