Court Performance Standards

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Judge Malcolm Simmons

Many countries are currently engaged in legal and judicial reforms as part of their overall development programmes.  This is, in part, the product of the recognition that economic and social progress cannot be sustainably achieved without respect for the rule of law, democratic consolidation and protection of human rights values, all of which require a well-functioning judiciary that can interpret and apply law equitably and efficiently.

An effective judiciary is one that is predictable, resolves cases within a reasonable time and is accessible to the public.

Many developing countries have judiciaries that apply law inconsistently and have a large backlog of cases thus eroding individual rights and freedoms and stifle private sector growth.

Delays affect both the fairness and the efficiency of the justice system.

Court performance measurement is the process of monitoring, analyzing and using performance data on a regular and continuous basis for the purposes of transparency and accountability, improving efficiency in the administration of justice and enhancing the quality of the justice delivered.