Buying a Villa in Malta

With the economy booming, Malta is attracting several affluent executives and families to the area. Malta has become an extremely attractive place to live for thousands of foreigners who are in Malta to work for their companies who have chosen to headquarter in the country of Malta. If you find yourself and your family in this situation, you might be on the lookout for villas for sale in Malta.

Villas are a common housing desire for expats who are looking for somewhere to put down some roots and raise a family. They are also popular choices for bachelors who are wealthy and want to have a lot of space. Whatever your reason is for wanting to buy a villa in Malta, we have the information that you need to know.

Are Villas in Malta a Good Investment?

While everyone knows that Malta has had a vast pricing increase when it comes to housing in the past decade, it also makes some other people fearful of buying the top of the market. This is a valid concern. Nobody wants to get caught with an overvalued property that they cannot get out of, especially if they are not planning on staying in that country for their whole life. If this is the case, you may want to go a little bit more conservative when purchasing your villa instead of going all out.

Regardless, there is nothing to suggest that Malta’s booming economy is going anywhere but up in the near future. They continue to be a destination for businesses and that bolsters their economy and makes housing values continue to rise. If you are looking to buy a villa in Malta, the value is likely something that you won’t have to be stressing about.

Does it Matter Where I’m From?

From a cultural standpoint, no. Malta is known as a very accepting place that is very welcoming of those from all different countries around the world. You don’t have to worry about feeling unwelcome there. From a legality standpoint, there are more complications. With Brexit fallout still looming over the whole region, you may want to check your local laws as well as the regulations put out by Malta that pertain to the residency of those who are not Malta natives. Check that you are in compliance with all documentation.

If you are working for a company, they should help you to do all of this and get you situated. However, if you are moving to Malta independently, then things become a bit more complicated and you’ll probably have to deal a fair bit with the government in Malta to get yourself in compliance to live in Malta.


Buying a villa in Malta has become a very common practice for those who are moving for business or looking for a second home to retire to. Malta is a place of luxury for both residents and businesses, so you shouldn’t fear investing in a villa in Malta. As long as you make sure that there are no regulations against you living in Malta, you should have a fantastic time living in your Maltese villa. There are many beautiful properties there!